1. 3 inches by 3 inches on canvas, board, foam core etc
2. $2.00 entry fee per piece
Keep your prices reasonable, 75% goes to the artist for this show only.
3. Enter as many as you wish, any medium
(we have a 8' X 10' wall to fill)
4. no frame
5. no hanger, we'll use museum putty and a rail
6. attach a label or write on the back, NAME, PHONE, EMAIL, ADDRESS, TITLE, PRICE
7. fill out our entry form to the right and submit
8. you may send or bring it in the art anytime before June 29th
9. if sending, please send return postage if you wish your unsold work returned
10. We will have sell any unsold work at the end, to profit a local food bank. (if you agree to take part)

PICK UP AUG 1 - 14  from 11-3 (closed Mon.)
any artwork not picked up will be donated

the artists' path
583 c Bantam Rd.
Bantam, CT. 06750

860-307-0741 or 860-491-3514

a pathway to art, inspiration,  learning and community
July 1 - 31

Fri. JULY 11th from 4:00 - 6:30 PM