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LORI BARKER'S WORKSHOPS: call 860-491-3514
Junk Drawer Art (recycling into art)
Is there art in your junk drawers? Start cleaning them out and discover how to transform your trash into a creative work of art.
What I found in (only one of my many junk drawers)
christmas tree bulbs, fuses, paperclips, magnets, instructions from unknown items
chalk, broken pens, broken necklace, elastics, keys and 'I have no idea what this is' items
workshop 2 hrs. fee $45
(includes materials other than your wonderful trash)

Collage: Assemblages from the Heart
Collage workshops are usually 3 hours. The student brings photos, paper scraps and other favored objects. Lori supplies fine papers, wax, clay and a studio full of  unique materials. Learn collage techniques using many design elements and techniques.
2 hrs. $45
Fabric Collage Experimentations
This fabric class is for any fabric addict, collage artist, quilter or a person who likes to experiment with all types of materials. Some of the things you’ll learn are freestyle machine stitching, coloring and printing fabric, but many classes end up inventing new methods due to the participants’ curiosities or newly discovered materials. all classes are 3 hours   $60

Imaginative Photo Alteration
This class introduces students to altering photographs
through experimentation.
Instruction focuses on exploring techniques using
household products, crayons, inks, and tools.
Workshop time is spent discovering ways to ‘destroy’ photos and then
bring them back to life through the student's imagination.
2 hours $40

It's easy to lose sight of the things you set forward to embark on,
as regular life gets busy. A vision board can help you to focus.
This workshop helps you simplify your visions into 12 sections stemming from one word.
Bring: any magazines, photocopies, and scissors. (All optional)
Cost: $30
(other workshops by Lori available)

Gelatine Plate Printmaking
Many of us experience an inner judge criticizing our artistic attempts. With the ease of printing from a gelatine plate you will be amazed at the designs and color overlays that can be created. We will print on all types of paper or fabric.  
This workshop gives a student a jump-start on freeing the artist inside. 2 hours $45    

Classes with Ernie Barker:

RELIEF CARVING 101 with Ernie Barker: Sundays
Relief carving is a wonderful introduction to working your ideas into
wood. We will cover the basics of tools and how I find they work best; woods
and what to expect from them and idea development for relief work.
Bring an idea and what ever carving tools you wish; some tools will be
available. A slab of 10 X 14 pine will be provided.
3 sessions (1 1/2 hrs each) $90.00 may be ongoing.

Drawing classes “I can’t draw a straight line.”
Weekdays or weekend availability
“Well, neither can I.”  but let’s learn to draw!
Loosely based on Betty Edward’s “Drawing on the Right Side of the
Brain”, Ernie Barker will help you unleash your abilities and discover
the skills you've kept hidden away.
For over thirty years Ernie has guided students from elementary school
age to seniors in assisted living facilities, improve and free their drawing skills.
Three Sessions; $80.00 (1 1/2 hrs each) plus $6 materials
call us to register   860-491-3514
sign up by calling  860-491-3514
(all classes must be paid in full 1 week before class)